m_ronald4Margaret Ronald lives outside Boston, works in the city, and has neither free time nor bookshelf space. 

Originally from small-town Indiana, she moved out east to attend college and then, due to a combination of inertia and curiosity, moved to Boston.  Since then, she’s worked as a Harvard secretary, as a layout tech for several weekly newspapers, and now for a Large Faceless Financial Entity (hereafter referred to as ConHugeCo).  

In 2004, she attended the Viable Paradise workshop on Martha’s Vineyard, and in 2005, her first short story, “Christmas Apples” came out in Realms of Fantasy.  Since then, her work has appeared in Fantasy Magazine, Strange Horizons, Baen’s Universe, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and a number of other venues in print and online.

Her first novel, Spiral Hunt, came out from Eos Books in 2009.  Featuring Evie Scelan, a woman who can track anything by scent, it explores the magical undercurrent of Boston and the shadowy organization that once wielded power over the city. 

Her usually-neglected blog is at http://mronald.wordpress.com.


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