I’m beginning to see a pattern

So I spent about 30 minutes fiddling with this post trying to make it sound less like whining. But, that’s what it is, and there’s only so much dress up we can play. If you can stomach it, please bear with me. I promise to be brief.

I’ve started work on my third contracted book, and on paper, things look good. I’ve got more plot than I usually do at the starting point, I know my characters and my world pretty well, and I’m riding high after my editor’s love of book 2 (still grinning about that). So…


I keep thinking that, if I write enough books, it’ll get easier. I mean, practice makes perfect, right? This is the third book in a series, what’s left to mess up? Why am I having such trouble?

I was bemoaning the above to my husband who, without even looking up from his computer, said “don’t worry, you’ll get it. You do this every time.”

I wanted to scream that I most certainly did not, that this was NOTHING like all those other times! I had it so easy then, he doesn’t UNDERSTAND… except he’s totally right. Looking back at various blog posts from days of yore, horrible, unbreakable, hatefilled writer’s block at the start of a novel seems to be my standard operating procedure, a fact that I somehow forget every time I start something new (probably some ancient survival mechanism, like how laboring women forget the worst of the pain so that the human race can continue).

The good part is that, though this happens every time, my husband is right, I do always get over it, the book gets written, life goes on. It feels so stupid to go through this same song and dance with every new novel, but apparently something deep in my brain needs this to move forward.

Anyone else have a stupid writing roadblock?

1 Response to “I’m beginning to see a pattern”

  1. 1 Terri-Lynne
    September 11, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    …probably some ancient survival mechanism, like how laboring women forget the worst of thepain so that the human race can continue.

    That was exactly what I was thinking just before I got to that line. It’s true–we forget both labor pains and writer’s block pangs so that every time, it’s brand-spanking new. But we get through both and what we’ve got in the end was SO worth it.

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