Other Mediums

I think TV is my favorite art form, after poetry and prose. In terms of narrative power, TV (at its best) can create a profoundly immersive experience, can really sweep me up in that vivid continuous dream. It’s such a great medium for long-form storytelling. I’m fairly wide-ranging in my tastes — I love (to varying degrees) Buffy, Angel, The Wire, Gilmore Girls, Wonderfalls, The West Wing, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Lost, Big Love, The Shield, Hustle… I could go on and on. The best TV shows are just as good, in terms of my enjoyment, as sinking into a beloved big fat novel (or series of novels).

Now, I don’t think I’d really have the collaborative chops to actually write for TV; I’m too much of a control freak, and television is by necessity a medium of compromise and collaboration, and I think I’d stink on ice if I tried it. I wouldn’t want to write a one-off episode, either — I’d want to be a showrunner, contributing to the overall arc of a show that has an overall arc. And I’d be really lousy at that, lacking as I do organizational, managerial, and diplomatic skills. But it’s a nice thought. Maybe somebody will make an awesome TV show using some of my characters some day.


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