Nora’s Sunday Quickie: Video Games

If I could write professionally in any other medium, it would be video games.

The kind with a plot, I mean, and characterization beyond what fighting class, species, and armor my character would have. I don’t mind the plotless/characterizationless type of game sometimes, but those don’t hook me or hold my attention the way the other kind does. Some of my favorite games are Japanese RPGs like the Digital Devil Saga series, which are basically immersive cyberpunk novels. But I also enjoy atmospheric, psychologically twisty games like the Fatal Frames and the Silent Hills — and the common thread through all these games is that they’re magnificently written. How else could I have been moved to tears by the “Lego people” of Final Fantasy 7? Or utterly entranced by the nearly dialogue-free Shadow of the Colossus? These are the kinds of stories that come closest to realizing the potential of video games, IMO, by truly whisking the player off to another world.

(So, can anybody put in a good word for me with ATLUS or Square Enix?)


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