Nora’s Sunday Quickie: Fave Fantasy Chara

So this week’s Sunday Quickie challenge is to mention our favorite character from recent fantasy, and why we ❤ them so.

Mine is Temeraire. Temeraire isn’t human; he’s a dragon, from Naomi Novik’s awesome alternate-history fantasy series, starting with His Majesty’s Dragon. The story — a deliberate pastiche of Patrick O’Brian’s novels — is set in a world in which, for whatever reason, huge dragons exist alongside humanity in every corner of the globe, serving as military force and Great Leveler between societies which, in our world, were imbalanced by technology, etc. The dragons, however, are fully as intelligent as human beings, and as the story follows young Temeraire from hatching to adulthood, he rightly begins to question why he and his fellow dragons are treated like chattel. The story tackles this and other complex questions, which makes the series far richer and more engaging than just any old romp with dragons.

But it’s Temeraire’s personality that keeps me reading, I have to admit. His devotion to Laurence — his human captain and best friend — his saucy attitude towards the idiots in charge of Britain’s military, his cleverness and lust for learning… how can I not love him? He goes mad over books. I go mad over books! He loves shiny jewels and fine architecture! So do I! He loves advanced theoretical math! Um. Well. I like algebra and geometry? Anyway, clearly we’re soulmates!

(This was a tossup, I should note, between Temeraire and Iskierka.)

1 Response to “Nora’s Sunday Quickie: Fave Fantasy Chara”

  1. 1 mlronald
    April 28, 2009 at 11:43 am

    Temrer! I love how this series, though Lawrence is the main point of view, makes no bones about how Temeraire is the center of it. Very literal and matter-of-fact dragons make me so happy. And I have a soft spot for Volatilus, dumb as he is.

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