Diana’s sunday quickie–fave fantasy character

I’ve been mulling over this one all day (and I’ve been traveling most of the day, so I’ve far too much time to do nothing but think!) and I’ve been having an awful time pinning a favorite down. I thought briefly of shocking the sensibilities of the purist SF/F fans and naming Eve Dallas from J.D. Robb’s In Death books as my favorite character, but then I remembered that it was supposed to be fantasy, and those books barely even give a passing nod to science fiction, so probably don’t qualify. (Though she is an awesome character, and I’m quite addicted to the series!)

Unfortunately, I just don’t think I can pin it down to one particular character that I ❤ more than any other. So, I’m going to cheat:

My fave fantasy character is the entire modern kick-ass heroine archetype that has become so popular in urban fantasy and paranormal romance.  Even when the kick-assiness is way over the top, I still love to read it because it’s just so awesome to see female characters who are comfortable with being strong and capable.

Tough Chicks Rock!

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