Margaret’s Sunday Quickie: To the Teachers

In the acknowledgments to Spiral Hunt, I thanked a number of people, most notably the faculty, staff, and students at Viable Paradise in 2004 and the members of the writers’ group BRAWL.  I submitted drafts of Spiral Hunt to both groups, and the critiques I received shaped the book and turned it from a string of vaguely interesting ideas into a novel.  I owe them a great debt.

But since we’re doing a shout-out Sunday, I wanted to call attention to some of the people who, though they may not have directly affected Spiral Hunt, had a hand in turning me into a writer.  (Already I can imagine them recoiling from the screen, crying “What have I done?  My God, what have I done?” but then again, I imagine that anyway without really needing a reason.)  These are just a few of the teachers who helped me along the way — it’s an incomplete list, but it’ll do for now.

  • Mary Stuart and Peter Robinson, the teachers at the summer programs who taught creative writing and science fiction, both of which got me started on my way; 
  • Paul Park, whose science fiction Winter Study class at Williams College  first taught me the basics of workshopping and of understanding the structure of short stories.  (And in whose class I got to know the resident organist, which is another reason I’m indebted to him.)
  • and Mrs.  Just Mrs.  She was one of my teachers in the first two years of high school, and though I hadn’t quite figured the world out yet, she made those years so much better just by being there.  Schoolwork, drama work, believing in myself and believing that my work was worthwhile . . . Everything’s better with Mrs.

As you can tell by the timestamp on this post, however, none of them were able to teach me punctuality.  (It’s still Sunday for a little while longer, yes?)


2 Responses to “Margaret’s Sunday Quickie: To the Teachers”

  1. 1 Sara Franks-Farris, aka Mrs.
    May 7, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    Dear one,
    I feel so wonderfully honored…and you must know, yes, I saw the genius in you and the goodness of your heart, and the spirit within…time brought all that together to make Margaret the writer.
    You and Emily are blessings in my life.
    With love and respect,

  2. 2 mlronald
    May 10, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    Oh, Mrs.! I didn’t know you were online — I’m so glad you saw this! We miss you, and we love you, and thank you, thank you so much.

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