Greg’s Sunday quickie – Shouts

This week’s Sunday quickie is about those who helped us along on the journey to writing and selling our novels. If you happen to read the acknowledgements page of Norse Code, you’ll see a lot of heartfelt, sappy gushing about those people, but one person I forgot to thank was William Wrigley, Jr., the chewing gum magnate.

I was ten years old on the family vacation when we took a bus tour of Catalina Island, and the driver pointed out the house of the great writer of cowboy sagas, Zane Grey. It was an awesome spread, and it planted the idea in my head that writers could get immensely wealthy.

No, stop laughing! It could happen!

As it turned out, I’d misunderstood the driver. He was actually pointing out the Wrigley mansion. I’ve chewed a fair share number of sticks, but I wouldn’t know thing one about making or selling gum. It has something to do with sugar and glue, I think.

Anyway, I still have to credit Wrigley for igniting within me the spark of greed.

Zane Grey’s place was pretty nice, too, actually.


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