greg’s sunday quickie – my desert island book

What book would I choose to be stranded on a desert island with? Nora already stole my cheat answer: Kindle, of course. Or I could bring the Bible, since it’s awfully big and I hear it’s positively stuffed with great stories (haven’t actually read it myself). And I’ve already talked about my most comforting comfort book of all, Last Son of Krypton, which has comforted me since I was a wee Kryptonian. There are probably dangerous monkeys and giant man-eating turtles on this island, so I don’t want to get lulled into such comfort that I forget to keep my bamboo-coconut gun loaded. A survival guide might be a good idea, but I’m lousy at following directions and I’d just get aggravated at the author, who’s probably just some effete city boy whose practical survival experience extends no farther than wearing fancy wicking pants when he shops at Whole Foods. (I shop at Whole Foods, but my pants don’t wick.)

Okay, okay, obviously I’m just stalling for time here. I’m gonna pick … ummmmm, errrrrr, a blank book! Yes! Because then I can keep writing, and I’ll get a lot of comfort and distraction from the mental activity. Plus if I get rescued I’ll need product to push once I book interviews on all the talk shows.


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