Rachel’s Sunday Quickie – Soundtrack to Writing

For me, it’s… nothing! Absolutely nothing. I actually can’t stand any kind of organized/interesting noise around me at all when I’m writing, which is why I generally don’t write in public places. I listen to epic music when I’m world building or otherwise planning, but for actual butt in chair writing work, anything other than soft background noise is verboten. 

I used to listen to music while I wrote, though. For my first book, I listened to the Amelie soundtrack non-stop for TEN MONTHS. Ten! I hated it after that, can’t stand to hear it, which is sad, because I love that movie with a burning passion. I decided never to put myself through that again, so now, silence is golden. 

Also, I tend to talk out loud when I write. It helps me get a feel for the flow of the words more than just seeing them, and I’ve found music messes with my mojo there. So yeah, no music, no conversation, no organized noise. So much for the writing soundtrack!



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