Diana’s Sunday Quickie: The Mary Sue of all Mary Sues

Since this week’s Sunday Quickie topic is stories and novels that didn’t make the cut, I feel I must share the details of my first novel:  A 175K word epic fantasy doorstopper that was a wish-fulfillment Mary Sue in every possible way. She was beautiful. She was tough. She was a totally badass swordswoman. She was a long lost descendent of a powerful sorceror and therefore heir to Awesome Power. She had red hair. And, for the final Mary Sue-ism: Her name was “Ziana.”

Grooooooaaaaaannnnn.  I can’t imagine why it never sold! 😛

But, I wrote on that novel every single day, and after I finished it I had that knowledge that I could finish a novel–and a long one at that!  There’ve been a few other novels since then, but I definitely learned the most on that first one!


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