Tim’s Sunday Quickie

My workspace is wherever the baby can’t reach me, or, occasionally, a notebook on my lap that I hope the baby doesn’t notice. When one has a running-climbing-cackling 15-month-old in the house, one can’t be too picky. Ideally I work at my desk, with my big widescreen computer monitor and my well-loaded iTunes and a chair that I like, with cool artwork on the walls (including a big print of the cover art from my book Poison Sleep). But I also write on a laptop on the couch or in a notebook on the back deck at work (I favor Moleskines — they’re durable and such a good size!). I’ve tried to be careful not to get too attached to any particular workspace, so I can continue to work anywhere. Arguably, the shower is an important workspace, as I do a lot of plotting and pondering in there.


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