Nora’s Sunday (er…) Quickie

D’oh. Just realized I forgot to make my Sunday post live. Oops.

So, writing spaces. I finally have one; didn’t for a long while, because I lived in a tiny one-bedroom that contained entirely too many distractions. So I would go out to one of several lovely local coffeeshops, and I would play bohemian while sipping tea and listening to jazz and peoplewatching in between chapters. But that got expensive, not to mention fattening, so I finally and recently decided to move up to a two-bedroom, making the secondary room my study. Here it is:


It’s tiny, because I live in New York. But it’s cozy, and it gets great light. The Meyer Lemon (the tree in the background) is blooming right now, so it smells heavenly in there. And I just finished Book 2 of the Earth and Sky trilogy there, so I guess it works!


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