“You see, a novel is like a sandwich… wait, no, that’s not right…”

My name is Rachel Aaron, and I write novels. Most recently, I’ve written a novel called The Spirit Thief, an adventure fantasy about wizard thief, or, as I said more specifically in my query letter, “what happens when magic, money, and a royal kidnapping gone wrong change the rules in the game of cat and cat.”

(Sorry sorry, but I spent so long on that sentence, it would be a crime not to use it as much as possible…)

The Spirit Thief and two more like it are under contract with Orbit, and should be appearing at a bookstore near you sometime in late 2010. Fortunately for me, the lovely folks here at Magic District are letting me pretend to be a Real Author until then. (Those books are coming, folks, I promise!) (FYI, this is the same line I use with my editor.)

As to the why of writing, I like say that there is no y in writing. You just do.

(Pause here for Yoda-like stick waving and profuse apology for that awful spelling pun.) 

I could say that I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but that’s nothing special. I’ve never encountered a writer who didn’t always want to be one. This isn’t something you pursue unless you’ve always wanted it. Anything less than life long ambition just can’t stand up to the grind of the creation/rejection cycle.

That said, if I had to pin a reason to it, I would say I write because of the stories. I have so many stories, most of them bad, some of them brilliant, but badly executed, and all of them with a strangle hold on my brain. They come in tidal waves, one or two at a time, completely submerging my every day life until I break down and write something. Then I write a little more. Then a lot more. Then I make a wiki and a timeline and start drawing maps and thinking about the economics of magic and it’s over. I’m noveled.

Of course, getting noveled is the fun part. After that you have to write the pesky thing… buuuuuuut that’s another post.

I’m very pleased to be here among the very talented people of the Magic District. Thanks a ton to Diana for starting all this up and being awesome in general. Stick with us folks, it’s going to be an awesome ride.

Rachel Aaron


2 Responses to ““You see, a novel is like a sandwich… wait, no, that’s not right…””

  1. February 13, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    Yay for books with “Thief” in the title!! I’ll look forward to it. Cheers!

  2. 2 rachelaaron
    February 14, 2009 at 2:50 am

    Hahah, I do too! That’s part of why I named it that, even though it’s hard to tell who the title is actually referring to… even I don’t know sometimes… Thanks for stopping by!

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