Almost late to my own party

 About a week ago I had this crazy idea of getting some other cool writers together to form a group blog. I mentioned the idea to Greg van Eekhout, and the next thing I knew I was neck deep in the throes of organizing, recruiting, and designing the thing! (I’m still not quite sure how Greg managed so deftly to install me as the “leader.” Hmmm….) So, needless to say, the past few days have been quite busy, though very satisfyingly productive. We worked out a schedule of posts, brainstormed content, worked out the kinks with the website, and finally I felt that we were ready to go. My last instructions to the members of the group were to be sure that they had an “intro” post ready to go for today’s launch of the site. After I sent that email I breathed a huge sigh of relief, allowing myself to relax now that the setup was done.

 And then last night I realized that I still had yet to write MY intro post.  [headsmack]

 You can get the basics of who I am from my bio, but I have to admit that it still surprises me when people read it and say, “Wow! You have a really great background!”  It’s not like I set out in life to do a bunch of cool and interesting things. I don’t think of myself as an experience junkie. I guess what I am is someone who’s always open to new options, which has –fortunately and, sometimes, unfortunately–given me a lot of opportunities to take a wide variety of paths in life.

 As far as why I write, I guess I just really love books and stories and adventures. As a kid I would immerse myself thoroughly into novels and their worlds–and yes, I’m STILL waiting for my dragon to come for me!–and when I got older I realized that I could make up my own stories and adventures. I started writing them down, and at some point I got the silly notion that maybe other people might be interested in my stories and adventures.

 (In other words, writers are probably the most egotistical people who exist, because they have the gall to think that their silly little made-up stories will appeal to others! And that they could be paid for them!)

Somewhere along the road I started thinking about getting lots of people to read my stories, and soon discovered that if I wanted that to happen, I needed to get better at it. A lot better at it. And so began the long, slogging, and tortuous almost-fifteen-year road to selling my first novel. Along the way I had a real life. I got married and later divorced. I worked a variety of jobs that ended up giving me some really awesome Life Experience. I got married again and had an awesome kid.

And now I have a novel coming out!  It’s an urban fantasy–though for a while I was telling people, “It’s a paranormal police procedural, or ‘ppp’ for short.” I had to stop that, though, because people thought I was saying, “Ppppblth!” and they couldn’t understand why I was spitting on them. So,  now I say, “It’s about a homicide detective who can summon demons, going after a serial killer who can summon demons. And there’s some hot cop-on-demon sex.  Boom chica wowow…”

Yeah, I probably need to work on that some more. 




(For a far better blurb about Mark of the Demon you can always click here.)


1 Response to “Almost late to my own party”

  1. February 13, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    The site looks great!

    Is there any way to get the font in the comments to be bigger? It’s teeny-tiny on my Mac and I can’t hardly see it. In the text box, I mean. Once it’s posted it looks fine.

    I look forward to following y’all’s adventures!!

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